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the hydrologic dashboard: on the road to a USGS statistical viewer

This summer, I was hired by David Hart, the coastal GIS specialist for UW Sea Grant to build a dashboard for viewing streamflow statistics in the Fox/Wolf rivershed here in Wisconsin.
Given the dashboard approach, I wanted to create something very aesthetically pleasing, flexible, and easy to use. For the data display, I coded a [...]

asthMap: a visualization tool for mapping asthma exacerbations

This summer, three of my UW Cartography compatriots and I were hired by Professor David Van Sickle to create an epidemiological visualization showing asthma exacerbations. This all depended on an inhaler he was/is developing. The inhaler (details to follow) includes some capacity to receive GPS coordinates and transmit these to a database.
This real-time [...]


wiscMapper was my second Flash project, and quite an improvement as far as I’m concerned. It is still desperately in need of a redesign and was never fully realized. That said, I think it’s pretty cool. Completed in March of 2007.
A few cool features:

Sparklines when you mouseover counties (shows the trend while [...]