kelso’s corner

While surfing one of the internets yesterday, I stumbled onto Kelso’s Corner, the very cool blog of Washington Post cartographer Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso. And since he’s already broken the news there, I thought I may as well mention it here as well.

Last November, I applied to the Washington Post Summer Internship Program thinking it a shot in the dark. I was recently delighted to find out that I’d made the cut.

So this summer I’ll be moving to the District (after hopefully finishing my thesis here in Madison…) to join the Post’s News Art Department. I’ll be working on a lot of static maps, but also hopefully using my skills in programming/interaction design/information visualization in their dot com department. I’m not looking at all past the summer — it’s exciting enough to get to spend a few months at the Post, especially just a few months before the big election.

So check out my future boss colleague’s blog. There he posts a ton on news graphics and information visualizations. And he seems to update frequently, unlike….

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