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Interactive mapping with HTML5, JavaScript, and Canvas

Part 1: Loading, projecting, and drawing geodata
I’m getting into more canvas and JavaScript for interactive mapping. Much of the Flash/ActionScript work I’ve written or come to rely upon is directly portable to JS/canvas. What’s missing is a sweet RIA framework and IDE for the kind of development Flash and Flex have made possible [...]

RIP Jacques Bertin

French cartographer Jacques Bertin died in Paris on May 3rd. This news has been out on a few English-language lists, but I otherwise hadn’t seen it mentioned, so thought I’d note it here. Bertin’s Semiologie and seven visual variables greatly influenced cartographic and graphic design theory and education over the last 40 years. [...]


Axis Maps (Andy, Ben, Dave, Mark, and I) just released indiemapper, a sweet browser-based thematic and reference mapping application.

For some more indie maps, check out our gallery. To try it out, just head over to you can sign up for a free 30 day trial without entering a credit card; after your trial, [...]