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easy shapefile loading in python

My recent work on creating a more flexible circular cartogram algorithm meant that I needed (well, wanted) to load shapefiles into a Python application. After many searches and scouring of message boards, I settled on the OGR/GDAL libraries. And 3 hours later I had it installed on my MacBook…

I’m sure that OGR (vector) [...]

shapefiles / projections in Flash / AS3

Below is linked a little teaser from my recent experimentation with loading shapefiles.

In the above, the work of loading the shapefiles is mostly done by the Vanrijkom classes I spoke of earlier. When I wrote before, I was more interested in loading shapefiles with PHP, and using Flash Remoting to pass in the shapefile [...]

loading shapefiles: actionscript3 or php?

I’ve recently become interested in loading shapefiles into Flash applications. Doing so opens up many possibilities.

Flash-based GIS

Perhaps best of all, it may mean that, for simple mapping tasks, I could do without ArcGIS altogether. I could load a shapefile into my Flash application, project it into one of dozens of projections, zoom into [...]