wiscMapper was my second Flash project, and quite an improvement as far as I’m concerned. It is still desperately in need of a redesign and was never fully realized. That said, I think it’s pretty cool. Completed in March of 2007.

A few cool features:

  • Sparklines when you mouseover counties (shows the trend while you’re looking at specifics)
  • Bivariate choropleth with draggable class breaks
  • Scatterplot (no mouseover though = lame)
  • Play interval with moving average
  • Perceptual scaling for proportional symbols using Flannery’s exponent
  • Dot density with interactive dot value
  • Noncontiguous cartogram based on Judy Olson’s method

One of these days I may get around to redoing this. Or perhaps expanding it into a U.S. Census viewer or something. Oh, and you may have noticed that the load my data option doesn’t work. Not yet!

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