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def CreateRubberSheetCartogram

Big ups to Eric Wolf, who recently released his Python script to generate continuous, “rubber sheet” cartograms. In this case, rather than the ever-so-popular Gastner-Newman diffusion-based method (2004), Wolf uses the Dougenik, Chrisman, and Niemeyer (1985) algorithm. Of the method, the authors initially wrote,

Cartograms are controversial in part because they are difficult to [...]

i got better

I’ve talked about this before: Parts I & II.

The above shows the latest results of my circular cartogram algorithm. It’s just a few steps away from being complete, at which point I’ll post the Python code here. Here’s what I’ve done between the First and Latest attempts.

Better definition of “neighbors”.
I now loop through [...]

mine is more like poorling

Part 2 of what will now be an ongoing series about my work with the Dorling circular cartogram algorithm; see part 1

Above (top) you see the current results of my reworking of the brilliant circular cartogram algorithm by Dr. Daniel Dorling (image on the bottom is from my Python port of Dr. Dorling’s original algorithm, [...]