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introducing OpenLayers Symbology

a JavaScript library for thematic mapping in OpenLayers

At last October’s NACIS Practical Cartography Day I gave a very sweaty presentation that was later described as bewildering and incoherent.  I had always meant to partially redeem myself by packaging and cleaning up the code that formed the basis of that talk.  And here it is!
OL-Symbology is [...]

E00Parser, an ActionScript 3 parser for the Arc/Info Export topological GIS format

First off, why mess with such a retro format as Arc/Info Export (.e00)?- any code written for this ASCII file type in the last few years has been on how to go from e00 to pretty much anything (especially to the non-topological data format, the shapefile).
Put simply, topological information makes a lot [...]

introducing time-series-graph

A Google Finance-esque Charting Class for Flash written in AS3
Over at Google Code you’ll find my new time-series-graph class. It’s a simple charting class that lets you insert a chart similar (very similar) to that used by Google in their Finance Pages.
Go over to my project page or just download the .zip file of [...]