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visualizing MLB hit locations on a Google Map

Here’s a map of yesterday’s perfect game pitched by Mark Buehrle — only the 18th in MLB history. Highlighted is defensive replacement Dewayne Wise’s perfect game-saving catch over the wall in the 9th inning.

Here the same, as displayed by MLB’s Gameday, for which the initial pixel coordinates were collected.

The conversion from the pixel-based coordinates used [...]

this is not a heat map

The term “heat map” has become increasingly confused. Perhaps it doesn’t matter, but for the record the above map is a choropleth map. It’s been branded by Google (as one of the Google Gadgets) with the sexier label “heat map”, and this (mis)usage is catching on. The term heat map is already [...]

how tag clouds work

I like tag clouds. They look cool, and they work.
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Tag clouds use the visual variable of size to convey information. As a cartographer, then, my first instinct was to compare tag clouds [...]