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the first thematic maps

Below’s a quick outline of the first maps created with six common cartographic symbologies. All of the below is out there, in books, articles, and blog posts. Particularly helpful are Alan MacEachren’s 1979 article The Evolution of Thematic Cartography, Arthur Robinson’s Early Thematic Mapping in the History of Cartography (1982), Borden Dent’s thematic cartography [...]

classed cartograms

Classification is commonplace in thematic cartography. In choropleth mapping, classification is the norm. This was not always so. The first choropleth map (created by Baron Charles Dupin in 1826) was unclassed.

According to Arthur Robinson, in his Early Thematic Mapping in the History of Cartography:
So far as we now know, the [...]

aggregated assault

More props to the EveryBlock team. While checking out my old neighborhood in Chicago, I noticed that they’ve changed the way they symbolize happenings. The following three images were captured as I drilled down on some happenings in Lincoln Square (restaurant reviews, aggravated assaults, etc.).

Notice how the news items are aggregated into proportional [...]