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Welcome to the bio and c.v. of cartographer Zachary Forest Johnson. My latest project is the World Freedom Atlas. Check out the rest of my page as well.

Click here for my full resume in PDF format.


Master of Science, Cartography and GIScience, University of Wisconsin
  • GPA: 4.0/4.0
  • Expected May 2008
  • Advisor Mark Harrower
  • Working thesis title: Cartograms for Political Cartography: A Question of Design
Master of Arts, Political Science, University of Wisconsin
  • Subfield concentration in International Relations and Political Theory
  • Advisor Mark Pollack
  • Degree earned May 2004
  • Additional two semesters of post-Masters graduate coursework completed Spring-Fall, 2005
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and International Relations, University of Arkansas
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude, May 2003

Cartograms for Political Cartography: A Question of Design
World Freedom Atlas: A Visualization Tool for Social Scientists
AsthMap: A Visualization Tool for Mapping Asthma Exacerbations
  • Presented at NACIS 2007 in St. Louis, MO
  • Thursday, October 10, 2007

Laboratory Teaching Assistant, Animated and Web-based Maps
  • Spring 2008
  • Teach all lab material
  • Assist Professor Mark Harrower with grading
Laboratory Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Cartography
  • Fall 2006, Spring 2007 + Fall 2007
  • Taught all lab material
  • Assisted Professor Mark Harrower with grading
Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • Fall 2005
  • Led 2 discussion sections
  • Assisted Professor Ed Friedman with grading
Teaching Assistant, Introduction to American Politics
  • Spring 2005
  • Led 2 discussion sections
  • Assisted Lecturer Jeremy Zilber with grading

Project Manager and Cartographer, UW Cartography Lab
  • Project Lead on AsthMap
  • Worked on other projects, including static maps
Student Flash Programmer, UW Sea Grant
And much, much more
  • Upward Bound Mentor, University of Arkansas, 2002
  • Orientation Leader, University of Arkansas, 2000

AAG/CSG National Geographic Mapping Award

David Woodward Award for Best Electronic Map, Student Division, CaGIS/ACSM Map Design Competition
Barbara Bartz Petchenik Award for Cartographic Design, UW Geography
  • For wiscMapper
  • Received 175 American dollars, cash
University Fellowship, Graduate School, U of Wisconsin
  • A highly competitive fellowship(only 5-8 are given out each year, for the entire University)
  • Paid a stipend and remitted tuition
  • Released me from TA/PA/RA duties, to concentrate on classes and research

Student Coordinator, Madison Area Cartographic Design and Discussion (MACDAD)
  • Schedule speakers
  • Manage email list
  • Setup meeting space
Project Lead, Hydrologic Dashboard
  • Worked for Coastal GIS Specialist David Hart
  • Developed an application for viewing and analyzing USGS streamflow/precip/other statistics
  • For more info and beta, go here
Project Lead, AsthMap
  • Worked for Principal Investigator David Van Sickle
  • Along with Andrew Woodruff, Eve McGlynn, and Robert Roth
  • Developed an application for investigating asthma inhaler usage in Dane Co, WI
  • For more info and beta, go here
And much, much more
  • Campus Organizer, New Voters Project/University of Wisconsin, 2004
  • President, Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honors Society), University of Arkansas, 2002-03

Really good at
  • Adobe Flash (including Actionscript 3)
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • PHP
  • Python
  • ArcGIS Suite
Pretty good at
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • mySQL
  • Web standards (XHTML, CSS)


Zachary Forest Johnson

I am a cartographer specializing in online maps and information visualizations. I am in the second year of a M.S. program in Cartography and GIS at the U of Wisconsin. In a previous life, I studied Political Science (gaining a BA from the U of Arkansas and a MA from the U of Wisconsin). My other passions include running, politics, typography, and gin and tonics.


  • 608/251.6354

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