Yearly Archives: 2007

introducing time-series-graph

A Google Finance-esque Charting Class for Flash written in AS3
Over at Google Code you’ll find my new time-series-graph class. It’s a simple charting class that lets you insert a chart similar (very similar) to that used by Google in their Finance Pages.
Go over to my project page or just download the .zip file of [...]

all i want for christmas is a ffffound account

FFFFound (that’s 4 F’s) is an image bookmarking service that is currently in private beta, meaning you need to be invited, somehow, to use it. I haven’t been invited yet.

I first found out about it on the wonderful notebook of Michal Migurski (Migurski’s found can be found here). It has also received glowing [...]

the hydrologic dashboard: on the road to a USGS statistical viewer

This summer, I was hired by David Hart, the coastal GIS specialist for UW Sea Grant to build a dashboard for viewing streamflow statistics in the Fox/Wolf rivershed here in Wisconsin.
Given the dashboard approach, I wanted to create something very aesthetically pleasing, flexible, and easy to use. For the data display, I coded a [...]