Yearly Archives: 2007

loading shapefiles: actionscript3 or php?

I’ve recently become interested in loading shapefiles into Flash applications. Doing so opens up many possibilities.

Flash-based GIS

Perhaps best of all, it may mean that, for simple mapping tasks, I could do without ArcGIS altogether. I could load a shapefile into my Flash application, project it into one of dozens of projections, zoom into [...]

TimeSeriesGraph — now with flags!!

I’ve made a few changes to my AS3 Time Series Graph charting class. The biggest is the addition of flagging. Now you (the Flash programmer using the TimeSeriesGraph class) can easily add flags to your application’s chart (much like on the Google Finance charts, upon which TimeSeriesGraph is based).

It’s easy. To add [...]

that was difficult — installing the Python Imaging Library (PIL)

This post is a little dry, so I’ll start it off with a graphic — — of the number of visitors to this blog since October 8 (I won’t get into scale here). The preceding graphic is a sparkline produced using Joe Gregorio’s fabulously simple code. The other interesting aspect of the [...]